At Skyttåsa Bed & Breakfast, you can organize all kinds of activities: conferences, company functions, seminars, association meetings, anniversaries, celebrations, birthdays, weddings, family reunions or as a place for the extended family that wants to get together somewhere different. You can choose between two different-sized meeting rooms on the first floor of The Annex:

Stora salen (The main hall)
The Main hall has an area of ​​100 square metres and the ceiling apex is 7 metres high. In the past, this was the granary but now the hall is thermally insulated and equipped with good ventilation and all the necessary conference equipment, as well as crockery and all you ned to organize a really great party! One can easily seat 35 to 40 people around the spacious and accommodating tables. In the hall, you will also find one of the farm’s top-quality instruments – a grand piano (a type S. Kawaii 220 cm) – and the acoustics are perfect!

Lilla salen (The little hall)
The little hall (50 square metres) can be used either as a conference room for smaller groups or as a combined TV/music/entertainment room. The room is equipped with a 55 inch flat screen television, a high-quality stereo system and quantities of CDs and books for you to borrow. Coffee or tea-making facilities are also available.

Arrange the food yourself or hire a chef and event organizer!
As there is not a restaurant at Skyttåsa a good alternative is to arrange the party yourself or to hire a chef and event organizer!A kitchen equipped with modern appliances, a microwave, fridge/freezer, stove and dishwasher is situated directly adjacent to the main conference hall which can therefore be turned into a dining room. The farm’s own dinnerware can be borrowed to complete the festive décor of your dining table!
If you have a smaller group and want a more homely feel to your dinner experience, the cozy kitchen-table seats 6-8 people.

Shop and prepare organic, locally produced and/or biodynamic !
Take the opportunity to shop and cook locally grown, organic and/or biodynamic food while staying at Skyttåsa! There are several local suppliers of both meat and vegetables, raw ingredients as well as semi-prepared and ready-made products. On some of the farms you can also arrange for a guided tour.
Uppmälby : Biodynamic farming of vegetables, flour, lamb, etc.
Gnesta Lanthandel
: (Gnesta grocery store) Organic, small-scale and locally produced.
Hammersta Gård (Hammersta Farm): Organic beefand lamb
Peterslund Ekoodling (Peter Lund Organic farming): Certified (KRAV), organically-grown vegetables.

Catering & Take away
Further options include the exceptionally good catering companies or take-away food outlets that are nearby:
Mäster Claes
Gnesta Strand
Bars and restaurants
If you are prepared to travel a little way there are many good eateries around Skyttåsa.

If you do not want to venture too far from nature, the nearest “neighborhood restaurant” is Skottvångs Grufva, which not only has food but offers world-class musical entertainment too!

Food tours

At Rocklösa gård (Rocklösa Farm) in Stjärnhov you can book a food tour! A food tour is a unique experience that suits everyone who likes food and nature, and for those who want to do something nice together with their family, friends or colleagues. Moreover, it is one way to taste the whole of Sörmland. By this we mean that the food tour includes a variety of food tastings from local, small-scale food producers. The food tour is about 4.5 km long and lasts about 5 hours. The food is served on real china and the portions are substantial. A knowledgeable guide will tell the story of the food, its natural environment and the surroundings. From summer 2013 onwards, there will also be guided tours in German! The food tours can also be tailored to suit specific requirements



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