At Skyttåsa Bed & Breakfast your accommodation is as clean, comfortable and as good as the better type of hotel, the only difference being that most rooms have access to their toilet and bathroom from the hallway. We offer a total of eight beds, in four rooms, in two difference buildings:The Annex and Långa Längan.

In Långa Längan you have a slightly higher standard with a somewhat more exclusive interior, and one of the two bedrooms has an en suite toilet. A shared bathroom with toilet and shower is just a few steps down the hallway and is shared by the two bedrooms. In addition, Långa Längan offers no less than two separate patio areas!

The prices below are the same for singles and couples. Linen is included. A hearty Swedish breakfastcan be ordered .
Are you interested in a weekly rental? The Farm Cottage (adjacent to the main building) at Skyttåsa can be rented furnished and heated for cost of 4200 crowns per week.


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