The music is very much present at and around Skyttåsa! Music is one of the owner’s great passions! At the farm, there are no fewer than two top-quality grand pianos – a Steinway & Son and a Kawaii 220 cm. Both can be made available to those guests who have truly mastered this noble instrument.
In The Annex lounge, there is a fine stereo system and numerous CDs on loan.
All throughout the year, various music events and concerts are arranged in the immediate vicinity of Skyttåsa, and in the surrounding area. Above all summertime unleashes one musical event after the other: everything from concerts in castles and churches to music festivals and pub evenings. In most cases, it takes no more than half an hour to get there by car.

Chamber music
Chamber music can be enjoyed at Ateljé 42 (Studio 42) in Stjärnhov , about 12 km into the forest. The studio hosts monthly visits of world class artists! In addition, Björnlunda Kammarmusikförening (Björnlunda Chamber Music Society) arranges concerts in the church, the rectory or in the greenhouse in nearby Björnlunda.

Music in Castles & Manors
If you want to combine a musical experience with a unique environment, we can recommend Musik på Slott & Herresäten (Music in Castles & Manors) which is arranged every summer.

Jazz, rock, blues & pop
A few kilometers away, the music tavern Skottvångs Grufva is visited every weekend – all year round – by various artists performing mostly rock, pop, blues and/or jazz. The food is very good, and you can even visit the old charcoal ovens and/or the mining museum!

Solo concerts, church music, spring concerts

Gnesta Musiksällskap (Gnesta Music Society) is a sinfonietta consisting of 30 non-professional musicians from Gnesta, Järna and Vagnhärad – playing strings, woodwind, brass and percussion. The regular membership is complemented by professional musicians in the leading parts. Anyone who wants to participate is welcome! This has created an orchestra that loves to play and that enjoys a variety of performance peaks. Approximately four concerts are held each year in Gnesta and Järna.

Music Festivals in 2013

Two music festivals take place, every summer: one in nearby Gnesta and the other in Björnlunda. Sandvikfest in Björnlunda takes place on the 25-27 July and the Lakeside Musiclovers Festival takes place in Gnesta, usually in August.


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