Gnesta golfklubb (Gnesta Golf Club) in Stjärnhov is approx. 6 km away.
Gripsholms golfklubb (Gripsholm Golf Club) in Mariefred is approx. 27 km away.
Strängnäs golfklubb (Strängnäs Golf Club) is approx. 37 km away.


The popular hiking trail Sörmlandsleden (The Sörmland Trail) passes by Skyttåsa, only a few kilometres away, going south through the countryside on its meandering way from Södertörn. Along the trail you will find splendid views, old mines, fascinating lakes and sites of natural, historical and cultural significance. Visit

Food tours
At Rocklösa gård (Rocklösa Farm) in Stjärnhov you can book a food tour ! A food tour is a unique experience that suits everyone who likes food and nature, and for those who want to do something nice together with their family, friends or colleagues. Moreover, it is one way to taste the whole of Sörmland. By this we mean that the food tour includes a variety of food tastings from local, small-scale food producers. The food tour is about 4.5 km long and lasts about 5 hours. The food is served on real china and the portions are substantial. A knowledgeable guide will tell the story of the food, its natural environment and the surroundings. From summer 2013 onwards, there will also be guided tours in German! The food tours can also be tailored to suit specific requirements.


One of the 14 daily stages that make up Näckrosleden (The Water-lily Trail) includes the gravel road that runs past Skyttåsa’s stable. The trail, which is 700 km long, runs in a loop around Sörmland, with overnight accommodation available at the end of each stage.

Canoeing and skating
The lengthy lake system of Visnaren and Marvikarna is included as part of the organized canoe trail from Åker to Vagnhärad and is considered one of the most scenic routes in Sörmland . The canoe trail through this area’s sublime and fascinating nature is easy to paddle and is therefore suitable for both school groups and more experienced canoeists. About 300 canoes a day pass by Marvikarna at certain times during the spring and early summer. Canoes are available for hire in Åker. Because of its sheltered location, this lake system tends to freeze over early in the winter, making it the county’s most extensively-used lake area for skating trips.

Swimming and outdoor pools
The farm has a small swimming pool for use by our guests. Otherwise, the nearest swimming area is Lake Trynen which is walking distance from Skyttåsa. The lake is 3 km long. Boats are available for hire. Other bathing spots are located at Magsjön, Örtsjön and Malsjön and at Krampan between Marviken lakes.

In the Åker forests, which surround the farm, there are many small lakes. Several of them have beaches and their surroundings are entirely free from recreational buildings and other modern exploitation. The lakes around Holmsjön are especially popular for fly fishing, spin fishing, ice fishing and angling in general. There is a good chance of catching game fish such as trout and Arctic char. Fishing licenses can be purchased from the local angling association: lokala sportfiskareföreningen.

Trail riding and horseback riding lessons
There are a many opportunities to ride near Skyttåsa. A couple of kilometres away, there is
 Swings Islandshästar (Swing’s Icelandic horses) which arranges trail riding. If you would like to take lessons in Academic Art of Riding, vaulting or natural horsemanship, Stall Ängen (Meadow Stables) is less than ten kilometres away.

Trail riding and riding lessons are also on offer at Hammersta Gård (Hammersta Farm), a little over ten kilometres from Skyttåsa.


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