Wild places!
Skyttåsa Forest is situated so that the name rings out at the centre of the forest. Yes, in the very heart of wildest Sörmland! The farm is part of Åkers Bergslag, one of Sörmland’s most scenic and spectacular areas of natural beauty. It is so unique that it has been named an area of national significance, because of all the outdoor activities available in Sörmland county.

Here you can take an early morning stroll on deserted roads without hearing anything other than the characteristic cry of a goshawk as it glides over the tree tops, searching out its quarry. The forests are full of moose, badger, hare, deer and wild boar. If you are really lucky, you might even catch sight of a lynx! And if, on your walk, you suddenly come across one of the many small lakes, you might get a glimpse of Sörmland’s regional bird, the osprey, which nests here, or hear the cry of the Black-throated loon resound over the water!

Factsabout game

Within the local area there are:
• Moose – about 8 per 1000 hectare
• Roe deer – about 8 per 1000 hectare
• Red deer (to a lesser extent)
• Fallow deer (to a lesser extent)
• Lynx – about 1 per 5000 hectares
• Birds of prey – buzzards, goshawks, ospreys and the occasional eagle
• Game birds – grouse and to some extent even black grouse

Within the farm’s boundaries there are good shooting sites, for example, for hunting wild boar.

In the Åker forests, which surround the farm, there are many small lakes. Several of them have beaches and their surroundings are entirely free from recreational buildings and other modern exploitation. The lakes around Holmsjön are especially popular for fly fishing, spin fishing, ice fishing and angling in general. There is a good chance of catching game fish such as trout and Arctic char. Fishing licenses can be purchased from the local angling association: lokala sportfiskareföreningen.


The popular hiking trail Sörmlandsleden (The Sörmland Trail) is only a couple of kilometres away. Along the trail you will find splendid views, old mines, stunning lakes and other sites of natural, historical and cultural significance.

The local flora is also one of a kind. Heavily influenced by the chalky surrounds, there is the occasional orchid and other rare species. The nearby nature reserve Kalkbro is actually renowned as one of Sörmland’s richest areas of flora!

Berries and mushrooms
are ripe for the picking, and in abundance, in late summer and autumn.


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