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Skyttåsa Bed & Breakfast is the source from which silence, serenity and tranquility spring. It is that simple to sum up our accommodation! To begin with, it is not all that easy to find us. Rambling back-roads and infrequent signposts contribute to the feeling that now; now you have really ventured deep into the countryside! Or deep into the woods – in deepest Mälarmården! Still, it feels neither dark nor stuffy! On your way into this wilderness you will pass mirror-still lakes, crofters’cottages and old farmhouses; clearings appear, then fields, meadows, grazing and pastureland.
And, once you have arrived, it may be difficult to leave. Because, here you will find the peace and quiet you have desired for such a long time. At Skyttåsa you will be staying in first-class accommodation in the middle of the forest, in the midst of Sörmland and its natural wonders, with all that it has to offer: silence, fragrance, beauty and wild nature! And yet, you need not travel far to find companionship, people, art and culture, food and drink, music, entertainment, activities and adventure!
Stay a day, a week or even longer! Maybe you are coming for the solitude: to write
the novel, or finally finish that essay; or to walk those long walks, meditate, paint; or to go on a picnic to hear the dawn chorus. Maybe you are coming to meet up with your relatives, friends, co-workers or colleagues, to enjoy a vacation with the family, loved ones or friends; or to celebrate a wedding anniversary, birthday or some other family occasion. For any, or all of these, we dare suggest that Skyttåsa is the perfect place!


Bed & Breakfast

Stay a day, a week or even longer! At Skyttåsa Bed & Breakfast your accommodation is as clean, comfortable and as good as the better type of hotel, yet so much cozier and much more personal! Of course, you can order a hearty Swedish country breakfast



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