Bring your horse and stay at Skyttåsa! Riding is, of course, the finest way to get around and experience the surroundings and Åkers Bergslag! The farm has a fine stable with nine box stalls divided into two sections (6 +2 +1) and numerous fine pastures with pumped trough water (floatation system). The stable has good ventilation and has been approved by the Swedish animal welfare authority.

Gårdshuset (The Farm Cottage)
At the same time as your horse is stabled in one of our fine box stalls, you can reside in
the Farm Cottage: adjacent to main house at Skyttåsa. From October to April, you can rent both the Farm Cottage (fully furnished and heated) anda box stall (made-up and ready) at a cost of 6000 Swedish crowns per week. From May to September, the same option costs 9000 Swedish crowns per week.

Trail-riding and riding lessons
Even without your own horse there are opportunities to ride. A couple of kilometres away is Swings Islandshästar (Swings’ Icelandic horses) which arranges trail-riding. If you would like to take lessons in the Academic Art of Riding, vaulting or natural horsemanship, Stall Ängen (Meadow Stables) is less than ten kilometres away. Trail riding and riding lessons are also organized at Hammersta Gård (Hammersta Farm), a little over ten kilometres from Skyttåsa.


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