Are you an artist, writer, composer or researcher? Do you need to get away from your ‘everyday life’ and find the seclusion you need to write that book, sketch, paint, compose or find inspiration? At Skyttåsa there is a fully equipped writing room with PC, printer, and copier. All the facilities are here. All you have to do is begin!

Or perhaps you are just at that time of your life when, for some reason, you need to get away, be by yourself, take long walks, think, meditate and reflect? Or maybe just relax and read? That was what the current owner’s father was thinking in 1964 when he bought Skyttåsa Forest to have as his “retreat”. Skyttåsa is even referred to, jokingly, as “The Chief’s Retreat” (
“Chiefens Retreat”.).

Whatever your reason, at Skyttåsa you will find peace. Free from interruptions, you can concentrate on what you came here for.



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