Skyttåsa Forest is owned and operated by the Struwe family: Göran, Rimma and Maria

Rimma came to Sweden and Västerås in 2009. She moved there with her ​​then four-year-old daughter Maria , as she had met a Swedish man, but the relationship did not work out and they separated after only a few months. Rimma was born and raised in the city Tuymen in Siberia, but she has also lived in Moscow where she has worked, among other things, as a nurse, specializing in forensic medicine.
Nowadays, Rimma enjoys life at Skyttåsa, and especially during the summer months. Since she has “green thumbs”, she dreams of erecting a greenhouse on the farm, but she also looks forward to autumn and the start of the mushroom season.
When Rimma came to Sweden, she could only speak Russian but since then she has learned to speak a little Swedish too. With each other Göran and Rimma speak a mixture of Russian and Swedish. That is to say, Göran practises by speaking Russian to Rimma and Rimma practises her Swedish with Göran.

Göran first came to Skyttåsa in 1964 when his parents bought the farm. Having just turned twenty, he stood on the hill with the sun on the back of his neck and looked over Skyttåsa, nestled in a sea of ​​white anemones, and thought that ‘this. This could become something great!’ Only now, many years later, has he been able to make his dreams a reality!
Göran, who is an associate professor of physiology and psychiatry, has a long career behind him as a psychotherapist, a psychiatrist and doctor.

In addition to his own business, Ergoment AB in Strängnäs, he has also worked at several major institutions in Sweden and has fulfilled numerous international commitments, among them being General Secretary of the 3d World Congress of Biological Psychiatry in Stockholm in 1981, and deputy secretary of WFSBP (World Federation of the Societies of Biological Psychiatry). Within WSBP, he has also led work in psychiatric care in Eastern Europe, including the Soviet Union. This has meant many trips behind the former “Iron Curtain”, where he also made many new friends. Because of this – and a Linguaphone course – Göran can speak Russian; as well as English, French and German.

Despite the many professional successes, the start of 2009 was a difficult year for Göran for quite personal reasons. Firstly, he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) and, soon after, the woman he had planned his future with left him. At a time when he had more or less abandoned the idea of ​​a new life-partner, a good friend intervened and said: “Don’t worry! I’ll handle this!” Three months later, he introduced Rimma and Göran to each other and the friend exclaimed, “Eureka! I’ve found her!”

In June 2011, they married. The wedding reception, with forty guests, was held in the main hall at Skyttåsa.
Göran also has a son, Carl, from a previous relationship. Carl, who was born in 1983, is finishing a Master of Social Work and lives in Norrköping, though he does visit Skyttåsa every so often.

“Eureka” is Greek and means “I have found it”. According to Vitruvius, Archimedes exclaimed this when he discovered what later became known as Archimedes’ principle.


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